more than 600 years of

Amazing Fastener Careers:

* Some days are fine, some days are coarse. ~John R.~

* My Fastener Career has been Grade 8!!   ~Jeff W.~

* Started in 1978, right after high school as a summer job.

  Never left 36 years later.   ~Roxanne A.~

* Just nuts about my 40 years in the fastener world.   ~John S.~

* Nothing like a career where you get to screw around all day.   ~Mark K.~

* After more than 30 yrs in the business I am still learning new things!!

  ~Daw G.~

* I went from saying "one dash eight" to the correct way of "one inch eight"

  for a 1-8 diameter.   ~Leeann H.~

* Because I deal with people, my career has been very unstable, as I deal

  with a lot of screwy and nutty people.   ~Eric W.~

* My fastener career has been as tight as an all metal locknut.   ~Joel K.~

* Every day is a riveting adventure.   ~Jared J.~

* Holding the world together  one piece at a time.   ~Keith K.~

* The motto of my fastener career is to Keep Calm and Fasten on :)   ~Kay B.~

* My fastener career has been happily screwy for 30 years.   ~Brenda G.~

* I always say to new people in the fastener business, once you have been

  in the business for three years, your in for life.   ~Steve L.~

* After 30 years I want to bolt for the door....because fasteners drive me nuts!!

  ~Tom M.~

* My fastener career sticks with IFI, SAE and ISO standards.   ~Tim N.~

* Forty-three years of putting the screws to our customers!   ~Jerry G.~

* Sometimes I inch my way thru the day!   ~Barbara S.~

* Started in the fastener world working part time for my uncle after school,

  that was forty seven years ago.   ~Charles K.~

* I got tired of screwing around so I joined the industry full of nuts.   ~Jeremy S.~

* As the screw turns........   ~Kevin C.~

* REACH a ROHS green world!   ~Gin T.~

* This business is nuts and it makes me want to bolt!   ~Scott E.~

* We only live once, but if we screw it right, once is enough.   ~Mike D.~

* 37+ years in the fastener industry is why I no longer trust the voices.   ~Mike H.~

* My fastener career is playing small to hold the world.   ~Alex P.~

* Abso-fan-tabulis.   ~Randy Z.~

* I am the Nut that holds the Bolts together.   ~Kayla M.~

* After completing 35 years in the business I'm looking forward to the next

  35 years.   ~Dave N.~

* My fastener career has been fastenating!!   ~Dave L.~

* My fastener career is riveting sometimes, a little screwy most of the time and

  NUTS every day!   ~Christine C.~

* Somedays I sell nuts, some days I wait on them.   ~Pat C.~

* 40 Years and still learning something new every day about what holds

  the World together!   ~Mike F.~

* My fastener career spans almost 30 years; from thermal paper fax machines

  to the information super's been a wild ride!!!   ~Vicky L.~

* A "nuts and bolts" approach to a sometimes "screwy" industry.   ~Ed H.~

* My 30 years plus in fastener industry has allowed me to give my family a

  good living and it is a industry that I love to be involved in.   ~Paulette M.~

* I called Cube to expedite my order and they told me to put a socket in it.

  ~Sulema H.~

* Can you say "It's a Wonderful Life", thirty-six years of nuts, bolts.  ~Diane R.~